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About Nathan

I am a fitness fanatic. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and love every second of it. Here is a little background on myself.

When I was 16 I was extremely skinny. Weighing in at a whopping 95 pounds. As you can imagine, every now and then I would get picked on and called skinny. Told to go eat some food etc… It killed my self confidence. My brother started getting into powerlifting and I decided to follow suit and give it a go. After the first week I was hooked. After about a year of training I started getting compliments left and right. People started paying more attention to me. It felt great.

I thought to myself wow how cool would it be to help other people feel this way? I then began researching personal training as a career extensively. You will see in my high school year book my dream job was to become a personal trainer. I got obsessed with researching and reading everything I could on fitness and nutrition. I still have that obsession 10 years later.

The second I turned 18 I got my personal training certification. I started working at gyms to get some initial experience training people. About 6 months later I decided to start my own personal training company.

It is one of the most amazing feelings when a client comes to me teary eyed saying I helped change their life. I got them to fit into those jeans they haven’t worn in years. Or that they finally have their dream body.

I really do everything I can do help my clients reach their goals.