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Like following a balanced diet, exercising is also crucial to keep the mind fresh and body in shape. Regular workout ensures a long, healthy life by eliminating the risks of harmful diseases. 

While some people love going to the gym for exercise, others make their home a fitness center. Working out at home is no different than a gymnasium, except for the latter’s expensive memberships. For people on a tight budget, exercising in a house is the best way to save money and stay fit. 

You may not find the latest equipment at your place, but cardio exercises are enough as long as you want to stay fit. Below you will find what home exercise can keep you strong and healthy.     

Best Home Exercises 


Lunges are a part of strength training exercises that improve your overall fitness and athletic performance. It is popular among trainers due to its ability to enhance lower body strength. 

This exercise is a major part of a runner’s workout routine as it strengthens legs, back, and hips and even improves muscle stability. 

Just put one leg forward, and lower your body such that the front leg makes a 90 degrees angle. Also, make sure that your thigh remains parallel to the ground. You can either repeat it on one leg 10-12 times or switch after every lunge.    

Spot Jogging 

Spot Jogging means to run in one place. It helps you warm up your body for a great workout session. Running in a place will improve your muscle stability, muscle strength, and also maintains flexibility.   

A 10-minute spot jog is enough for the first interval. You can break this time into simple variations. For example, jog in a place for 5 minutes; increase your speed for the next 2-3 minutes, and then go back. After 10-15 minutes, take some rest, and continue the exercise. 


Push-up is a popular exercise to develop core strength and upper body. It uses the combined power of shoulders, chest, triceps, back, and leg muscles. You can modify this exercise and make it an even difficult challenge for a hardcore training session.   

Diamond push-up, clap push-ups, and decline push-ups are some of the common variations of this exercise.  


Squats emphasize your lower body strength, especially the legs. There are various versions of squats such as pile squat, dumbbell squat, single-leg squat, etc. 

Each version has its own benefits and targets different parts of the lower body. When performed accurately, this exercise helps in calorie burn, preventing injuries, and improves your balance.       


Plank requires you to lie down on the floor and lift the body with your elbow’s support. You have to make sure that your back remains straight in this position. Stay like this for one minute and keep increasing the time after a few sessions. 

Summing up

You can easily perform these exercises without stepping out of your home. Just put on your training shoes, play some music, and start working out. For better movements and positions, you can check exercise videos on the internet.