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As this age of pandemic and diseases has taught us the temporariness of gyms and other formal fitness centers, we need to start devising a fitness plan for ourselves. We have understood how we don’t always need a set of equipment to work out the proper way.

Several other ways can help us sweat out without depending on any external help. These ways would not only make your fitness regime independent of external factors but will also teach you about your body and the things that can affect it. 

By not using equipment at all, you will be connecting yourself to your mind and your body and studying what your body needs, and work towards providing it.

To help you work out a better way without any equipment whatsoever, below mentioned is a list of workout plans that will get you going in no time. 

Bodyweight workout: Beginner

In this workout plan, you need to develop your strength and change bodyweight by performing different exercises one by one. Starting with squats is a great way to ensure your body gets proper exercise throughout the leg and back region. 


Squats are a great way to build up muscles in the lower back area or butt area. It tones down your legs and makes your back more flexible. Perform squats for at least twenty reps. Once done, you can go for at least ten push-ups.


By performing push-ups, you work on your arm strength and shoulder strength. Although making your hands stronger would take more time, you would start to notice the muscles growing soon. 


Lunges are also a good way to sustain a healthy body. Performing lunges for each leg ten times will help lose fat in the belly region and increase the size of butt muscles.

Weight lifting

You could also try weight lifting by using two gallons of jugs filled with milk. They work great if you no weights at home. Hold one bottle of milk filled in each container and start lifting them with your arms. 


A fifteen seconds plank works great toning your core area. The plank can improve your health significantly as it works on almost every muscle of your body. Some even use planks to improve focus. 

The plan discussed above is also known as circuit training. This training is successful only when you do every exercise regularly without breaking the circuit. The sequence if achieved properly, will show great improvements in your body. 

Bodyweight workout: Advanced

There is also an advanced version of the plan discussed above. You can perform 10 leg squats along with body squats for 20 reps. Try walking lunges, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and then plank. This plan would be slightly more intense than the beginner one.

In the End

A no-equipment workout plan would serve you great if you schedule all your exercises properly. You will be able to achieve your dream body if you follow your professionally acclaimed workout plan religiously.