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One of the most accepted dietary facts in the fitness world is that carbs are bad. We have a plethora of new diets all revolving around low carb intake. The keto diet in particular is gaining a ton of popularity. So are carbs bad? Yes and no.

I will say that people do in general eat way too many carbs. They eat bread, pasta, rice, pizza, doughnuts, bagels etc… regularly. You rarely see someone eat meat without rice or pasta. That is why oftentimes if people just cut down on carbs they lose weight pretty easily.

I think an issue that people run into when thinking carbs are evil is they drop their carbs way too fast. They got from eating 300 grams of carbs a day to 50 grams a day. To me that is not the smartest things to do.

I actually like starting people out with a higher carb number. If weight loss is stagnant we decrease the amount of carbs. This is a much better way to do it in my opinion.

In regards to what kind of carbs you should eat, stay away from processed food. Stay away from bread, pasta, chips, things like that. Try to get most of your carbs from vegetables, potatoes, rice, quinoa, fruit and things like that. This is just a general rule. You can certainly still lose weight by eating pasta. 50 grams of carbs from pasta and 50 grams of carbs from fruit is essentially the same thing energy wise. Your body will definitely appreciate the fruit more though.