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Running on a treadmill is the only way to get a cardio workout in, right? Wrong! There are many different ways to do cardio that are much more effective than treadmill jogging. One of my favorites is using weights. I personally despise running and would much rather lift some weights than jog. In this short little article I will go over the barbell complex.

The barbell complex is an awesome exercise tool you can throw into your workouts. The idea of it is simple. Take around 4-5 different exercises and do them all in a row without letting go of the barbell. It can look something like this;

  • Shoulder Press
  • Front Squat
  • Rows
  • Cleans
  • Romanian Deadlifts

Do each exercises 10-12 times and complete 4-5 rounds. Take only around a minute in between rounds. This will get you huffing and puffing. In my opinion it is more effective than running for losing fat. It is more “fun” too!

I’d recommend starting out with some normal strength work at the beginning of your workout and then doing a complex at the end as a finisher. The reason for this is that these complexes will get you so tired you won’t be able to do much else after them.