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When it comes to exercising there are many different options available. But which is most effective? It comes down to personal preference for the most part.


The gym is the most common choice for people. A lot of people ned a separating between their home and exercise, otherwise they won’t do it. They will get home, turn on the TV and never workout. With a gym you are paying for it so are more likely to use it.

On top of that, you have limitless equipment. Most gyms will be fully equipped with free weights, machines and cardio machines.

Another reason why people like going to the gym is the environment. Most people are naturally competitive. If you see someone lifting more than you, you will try to be better.


Home gyms are extremely convenient. You can’t really use the “I don’t have time excuse”.


The outdoors are my favorite place to workout. There is something about it that just feels great. A lot of parks have pull up bars, benches, monkey bars and other items you can use to workout. You just have to be creative.