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I luckily have the luxury of having a gym in my basement and access to a private gym studio. So I don’t have to go to an overcrowded gym much and cringe at what people are doing. Throughout the years I have seen my fair share of crazy things but just thought I would share a recent one.

I was visiting one of my friends in a different state and we wanted to get a workout in. So we went to his gym. We started working out and all was good. Except something was bugging me. I see this 20-25 year old walk into the gym just staring down at his phone texting as he walked. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary but something I always notice.

Anyway about 10 minutes later I see him at a shoulder press machine. Texting and scrolling around on his phone. He then does a set and the second the weight stack touched to a dead stop he immediately grabs for his phone that he had on his crotch. My friend and I then start paying attention because of how ridiculous it was. He played around on his phone for about 3 minutes and then did another set. He did this for his entire workout.

I saw him go into the locker room after about 30 minutes thinking he was done. Nope! And I can’t even make this next part up. He went into the locker room to grab his charger so he could charge his phone on the wall next to the pull up bar. This guy would do a set of pull ups (terrible pull ups) jump down to the ground and take a 5 minute text break.

I am mad at myself for wasting my time even watching him but it was just so insane. There is a serious addiction to phones. The second people wake up they reach for their phone and start scrolling through their social media accounts. If you think about it we are virtually cyborg. Go take a drive without your phone on you, you will feel extremely odd like you are missing something.

People need to stop using their phones so much. ESPECIALLY when they are at the gym. If you want to be obsessed with your phone and TV after the gym, fine. But when you are there you should have one focus and that should be to kick ass at the gym.