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One of my favorite cardio workouts for myself and clients has to be hill sprints. When I can, I really prefer exercising in the outdoors. The concept is simply. Pick a hill and run up it as fast as you can. Easy right?

You will soon find out that this is a grueling workout. The incline adds another dimension of difficulty to sprinting.

Besides it being a killer workout, it is very joint friendly when compared to normal sprinting. When you do a normal sprint you are going at an extremely fast pace and are hitting the ground hard. This can take a toll on your knees. I have also seen many adults get injured by adding in sprints to their workouts.

By doing hill sprints, you are naturally slowing down the pace. Making it harder to go fast and injure yourself.

Let’s get into an actual workout. There are a couple ways to do hill sprints. My favorite is doing a timed workout. Set a timer for 20 minutes and run up that thing as many times as you can. Keep track of how many time you got up the hill and try to beat that the next time.

Be sure to walk down the hill and not run down. That usually does not end well.

If possible I really recommend doing this with friends/training partners. Together you can push each other to keep going as this is a brutal workout.