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The right gym etiquette can keep you from creating a mess at the gym. It is respectful behavior that can be learned by paying attention to a simple code of conduct. Among the blaring hip-hop music and the seasoned gym clients, you don’t want to feel lost.

It is especially true if you are new to the gym. We have put together a list of the right gym etiquette for you. 


  1. Return the Equipment to Its Right Place

Every gym has a designated place for all its equipment. It allows every person who uses it to find the right equipment when they need it. Whenever you pick something up from its place, make sure to place it back in its designated place. 

For instance, you may have picked up a particular weight of dumbbells from its rack. You will have to place it back in the right place before moving on to the next equipment. 


  1. Don’t Waste Time

It is especially important if you hit a crowded gym during peak hours. Everyone in the gym is waiting for equipment at this time. Hence, you should be careful not to waste anyone’s precious time. If you are using the bench for a bench press, do just that.

Don’t take selfies and keep anyone behind you waiting. 


  1. Don’t Intrude into Anyone’s Personal Space

Each exercise in the gym will take up some space. Don’t intrude into this personal space that another person has created. To do this, you can avoid standing too close to them. This can get very uncomfortable. 

It is necessary for your safety, as well. Gyms use heavy equipment that should be handled carefully. You can avoid trouble for yourself by staying out of the way of anyone working with heavy weights.


  1. Wipe Your Sweat Off the Equipment

This is very important to maintain the hygiene standards of the gym. Sweating is unavoidable in the gym, and you don’t have to be conscious about it. However, you should make sure to get rid of any sweat that falls on the mats, the equipment, and weights.

This is an etiquette rule that everyone follows as a courtesy. Even if you don’t sweat too much, you should go ahead and wipe the equipment down. 


  1. Bring Your Own Towel

This piece of advice is necessary for your own hygiene. As much as you prefer that the next person has wiped their sweat off equipment, this may not always be the case. Use a towel that you bring to wipe down every piece of equipment before you use it. 

This should also be followed for the cardio machines. Wipe them down with your towel both before and after use.



In addition to the above rules, make sure that you always remain alert in the gym. You don’t want to accidentally collide with someone who is using heavy weights. Further, if it is peak hour, it is best to focus on your workout and not make idle conversation. 

This can lead you to hog up the equipment. Stay flexible, follow the rules, and enjoy the gym.