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When possible I like to get all of my food from local sources. I don’t trust the meat and produce industry at all and like to know where my food is coming from. You are probably thinking that it must cost a fortune. You’d be surprised to find out that some things are actually cheaper than the grocery store! It still blows my mind. I will post a couple of examples.

At a farm near me that sells meat, their chicken breast is very expensive comparably. Almost 4 times more than the local grocery store. But then their whole chickens are the same price if not a little cheaper. What gives?

Well have you looked at these chickens lately in factory farming? Their breasts are massive. Genetically engineered. On top of that, they pump them up with salt, water etc… to make them weigh more and look bigger. That is why chicken breast is so cheap.

The taste of local meat compared to store bought is incomparably. It still blows my mind when I open the package their is literally zero smell. When oftentimes getting store bought meat, it smells like death.

Vegetables I have found to be cheaper locally. I’m not even talking about being cheaper than the organic veggies at the store. I am talking cheaper than the “normal” ones.

I understand that depending where you live it may be hard to shop local. But if you have somewhere in driving distance you can buy a ton of meat and veggies, then simply freeze it.