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Enough with the jogging, for the love of God! Often times when someone is looking to lose weight they head straight to the treadmill or the streets. Like a hamster they jog for about 30 minutes at a medium pace and then call it a day. This is the worst way to do cardio.

Go look at an endurance runner and then look at a sprinter. See a difference? The endurance runner is skinny fat. They have skinny arms and a guy. Their physique looks awful. Now look at a sprinter. They are jacked! Muscular all over.

Jogging can actually make you retain fat if you go long distances. During a run your body will want to store fat to use as energy. You could actually be sabotaging your fat loss, not helping it. Sprinting has been proven to burn fat as well as actually help build muscle.

On top of that, jogging wrecks your knees. Show me a 20+ year runner that doesn’t have knee problems. They don’t exist. You are bound to get knee problems. There are far more effective ways to do cardio and honestly they are a lot more enjoyable.