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I am sure I am going to get a lot of hate on my next series of articles but I feel very strongly on them. There are a couple of exercises that almost everyone does just because they think they have to. I want to show you that there are safer and more effective exercises out there to replace these.

When I first started lifting I thought these exercises were a must. I trained hard to make sure I got strong at them. And guess what? Much like everyone I know that trains these religiously, I got a lot of random injuries. Shoulder problems, knee problems and so on… Luckily for you, I made these mistakes so you don’t have to.

In these next articles I will go through some of these exercises and why I (and many other fitness coaches) never include them in our clients workouts. I am all about training for the long term and staying injury free. Why risk wrecking your body for an ineffective exercise? I hope I can convince some people reading to ditch some of these movements and replace them with my “safer” suggestions.